The Myth of MLM Money Exposed!

You hear a lot about people becoming financially independent through network marketing. And certainly over the years many people have. But for those that have never had any involvement in an MLM business there’s a myth that’s important to dispel…

Not everyone in a network marketing business is TRYING to become rich!

That doesn’t have to be the goal, and for many, it never was! A lot of the industry haters out there like to point to the fact that only a very small percentage of people make millions of dollars in network marketing… as if that’s some kind of indictment of the industry as a whole. But what they don’t understand is that making millions ISN’T the goal of most people!

If you goal is to develop a big 6-figure income working from home then a network marketing opportunity is by far the most common and proven path to do so. But for many, their “WHY” for starting a home business leads them to a very different goal.  Most people making money in a direct sales business are earning say $1,000/mo, or $500/mo, or even just $100 or so each month…

And they are very happy achieving that goal!

That’s because the vast majority of people already have a job and income when they decide to start up a home-based business on the side. Their goal isn’t necessarily for it to make them rich… but rather, to earn a little extra money for a specific purpose.

Think about it. The average person’s life (perhaps your own) would be profoundly impacted by simply having an extra $500/month of discretionary income coming in.  Doesn’t sound like a lot, I know… But stop and consider how that could be used to improve your quality or life, happiness, stress reduction, etc?

Carrying some credit card or other debt? This kind of “extra” income would help you set a path to wipe it clean!  Or if you’re a home owner, pull out a calculator and consider what throwing an extra $500 towards your mortgage each month will save you over the years ($10K’s or even $100K’s!)  Think about the WEIGHT that would be lifted and STRESS relieved by having those kinds of worrisome debts and bills taken care of outside of your normal income?

But let’s face it, relieving debts is not exactly fun… But what about that dream car?  Not a great financial investment I’ll grant you, but if it puts a SMILE on your face everyday and adds to your happiness, what’s that worth to you?  For $500/mo towards a car payment you can get a lot of luxury and car!

Or how about something even more simplistic… how about a $500/month slush fund to just spend away however you want?  These days most people can hardly afford to go out to a nice dinner once a month with their spouse.  With this kind of coin, you could do that about every WEEK!  Or go out to the movies… and load up on all that ridiculously expensive popcorn, soda, and candy – guilt free, it’s your slush fund after all!

When was the last time you took a REALLY nice vacation? (And no… I’m not talking about visiting the in-laws, amazing a time as that might be!)  I mean… 5-star resort, 10 days, drinks with little straws, massages, WHATEVER you’re happy place entails!  For $6000/year you can fund quite a little getaway – 100% paid for by that little home-based business of yours…

So if you’ve thought about starting a business, but have held back due to the hype out there of big money… luxury cars, private planes, etc.

Ignore the HYPE and get REAL about what YOU want to achieve!

A solid ongoing residual revenue stream is something you CAN truly develop, so don’t let anyone tell you what YOUR goals should be!  Find a business you’re excited about, make a commitment to yourself, then put your head down and don’t let up till you get there!

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