Spotting A Legitimate Business Opportunity

You know… over the years we had more than 20 million people use our automated online marketing systems. And I was privileged to be able to work personally with 1,000’s of them through the weekly webinars we provided, teaching internet marketing… as well as the various training workshops we offered on the systems and tools. But one of the most common questions I always hear is:

How do you REALLY know when a business opportunity is solid?

Sounds like it should be easy to answer, right?
Truth is… that it IS!

The problem is that most people approach the question the wrong way (and then become jaded and confused later on when their “opportunity” falls apart).

In fact, I truly believe that mis-evaluating business opportunities is the #1 reason people end up in the N.F.L. club (“no friends left”) and is the biggest contributing factor to the negative reputation held by many about network marketing in general. See, for the vast majority of people I simply don’t believe they intend to mislead or hurt the people they know by recruiting them into a business where they subsequently lose all their money and damage their reputation. Instead, they focused on the WRONG things when joining the business themselves and never knew… it was a STINKER from the start!

So what SHOULD you focus on when considering a business?

There are lots of important factors such as company stability and funding, compensation plan, open markets, available tools, technical savvy, management experience, etc… and for sure, these things matter. But the ONE factor that dominates all the rest is the value of the PRODUCT and easily finding CUSTOMERS who want to buy it!

“Duh”, right?!?

For those that have never been in a Direct Sales business this sounds ridiculously obvious. Yet so many people enroll in a “deal” based on the money they might earn, or lifestyle being projected by the company and top leaders, or… LOL… simply because it’s a new start-up company and they want to “get in at the top”.

Don’t get me wrong, financial opportunity and timing certainly are important. But NONE of that matters if you can’t easily plow in CUSTOMERS who want the product at the price it’s offered! There is a SUPER easy litmus test you can use to determine if a business opportunity is all that it’s cracked up to be. Take a step back and simply ask yourself:

“Would I buy this product every month if I wasn’t required to in order to be paid for selling it?”

Sadly the answer to that question is “NO” for a huge number of people out there in a lot of different companies. And that exposes a TRUTH… that you’re building your business on a foundation of sand. And inevitably when the ground eventually shakes for one reason or another, your business will lay in shambles… along with the carnage of damaged relationships and pain.

Now for the good news…

There are LOTS of great products out there! Priced at REASONABLE levels where actual customers (not distributors) want to buy them. This is where you need to focus your attention… THEN move on to think about the company, comp plan, and other factors.

Stay product and customer focused.
Build your business on a rock foundation!

Tell me what you think… post your comments below!!!

Mike Darling




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