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As a number of you have started contacting me recently about “what’s going on with this 2 Minute Miracle Gel” the level of buzz has gotten loud enough that I feel compelled at this point to post publicly and reveal a bit about what’s been going on…

A few months ago it leaked out that that I was flown down to corporate headquarters to meet with the executive team. As most of you know, over the past 18 years of running Veretekk we’re worked directly with over 70 direct sales companies and so are no strangers to the game. That said we were very impressed with our experience – not just the people, or the phenomenal 2 Minute Miracle Gel product, but also the fact we brought with us a punch list of “must have” items which were all readily agreed to and embraced by the company. So we quietly enrolled and got to work.

While the vast majority of my time has been dedicated to developing MarketHive, over the past couple months I have also started building a number of very powerful tools (powered by similar technology that I’ve been creating for MH) from which to launch a major business building campaign for my team. During that time I have personally invested $1,000’s into testing various advertising channels… and much like drilling for oil, some come up dry and others are GUSHERS!

If you have never made a solid living or enjoyed immediate results and success from your business, you need to stop what you’re doing and CALL ME right now (if you don’t have my number, find me on FB at We have cracked the secrets of Facebook and I have a flow of high quality prospects coming in each day that is far more than I can possibly handle.

I have put together an extremely powerful business building package… I will set you up with your very own system (just like mine at I will provide you will a huge portfolio of content as well. But perhaps most important, I will personally teach you exactly what you need to do to duplicate my results. Step by step, what to do, what you will need, etc.

And the results???
Nothing short of spectacular!

I literally have 5-10 people a day contacting ME (not me soliciting them…) and asking ME for product samples which they BADLY want! Do you understand what I am saying? The formula we’ve put together here offers you (and every person you bring into your team) a literally unlimited source of people who want to be your customer!

I can honestly say I have never seen anything like this.

Update – for over a year since making this post I have received an average of over 1,000 new customers requesting 2MM samples… PER DAY!!!

Can anyone do it? Yes absolutely. Will it work every time? With total confidence I can say yes… already I’ve personally taught 11 other people exactly how to use this approach, and guess what? Each of them are getting the same great results. And so can you…

I am offering to personally mentor the next 10 people who contact me.

I will show you exactly how easy this is, and teach you every step in the process. And make no mistake… we know all the tips and tricks. Plenty of other people are trying to use Facebook and imitate what we are doing so successfully… but they are failing. And they don’t even know why.

This is not a passing fad any more than Facebook itself has proven to be. This is your chance… Come find out what it’s like to run with the big dogs! Over the coming months I will post additional details and results about this campaign, but of course by then the ship will have sailed.

Will you be on it?!?

Mike Darling




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