Inbound Marketing – How to Get Them Coming to You!

For decades marketing has essentially worked the same way… companies blast us with all kinds of advertisements pretty much everywhere you look. But one of the great things the Internet has done is given us greater control to “dial down” (or even turn off) the ads being pushed on us.

People don’t “get sold” anymore… they do their own research!

We’re smarter and have incredibly powerful tools at our fingertips to find what we’re looking for and block out much the rest. And not just using Google… social media and services like Yelp allow us to look things up in seconds and see what other people are saying. Many people won’t even go to a restaurant without checking the reviews first (who cares about the ad they’re running on their page? let’s hear what the people who ate there think!)

We’ve kind of gone “review crazy”! There are online reviews for pretty much everything. In fact, check out this listing for Tide laundry detergent on with over 3,000 reviews! Think about that for a second… Tide was invented 70 freaking years ago, don’t we have a pretty good idea about it by now? Apparently there’s still plenty to say about it… LOL!

Tide was advertised all those years too, but today people look to the reviews to make their decision instead! In fact, most of the time people absolutely HATE being advertised to. When you land on a website full of ads, you bounce off it immediately. When you get hit with a pop-up ad? It’s almost insulting, right? “Screw this site… I’m going somewhere else!”

Point is, the effectiveness of these kinds of “outbound” marketing techniques has gotten worse and worse. And it’s not just paid advertising either. Email marketing? Oh yeah… you probably spend hours a day pouring through your Spam folder looking for stuff to buy, right? Telemarketing? Give me a break… “click, bye-bye!” Direct mail? Don’t see the same stacks of junk mail we did 20 years ago do you? With the rise and availability of instant information on pretty much anything…

We ignore pretty much everything!

We’re increasingly impervious to outbound marketing because when we’re ready to look into something WE GO FIND the information ourselves. So how in the world are YOU going to find customers for YOUR own home-based business???

It’s simple – it’s called Inbound Marketing.

Rather then PUSHING your product on people, PULL them to it!
Sounds great, right? But how to actually do it???

It’s all about providing TRUE value to people BEFORE even trying to get them to buy something. Whether it’s a free sample of your product, valuable free report about something they really want to know about, free tools to help them solve a pressing problem… you name it. Identify what they want and need… and GIVE it to them freely!

By doing this you establish credibility and develop a positive reputation with your prospect. You can still provide them information about the thing you want them to buy, but only AFTER you give them value they really want. This OPENS up your prospect. It creates an atmosphere where THEY are in control and can come look at your product when THEY become interested. You’re no longer selling AT them, they are looking IN to your offer.

Now, this is not a new concept…


Over 20 years ago we helped pioneer the entire concept of Inbound Marketing through the Veretekk automated online marketing system. As president of the company and chief developer of the system, we created countless “Traffic Portals” that our subscribers used to promote to their business prospects. Each website offered a valuable product or service that was valued and sought after by these target customers. It worked extremely well as it allowed you to GIVE AWAY true value to people and in so doing, create new relationships, build trust, and expand your sphere of influence!

Back then it was a totally new concept. “Give stuff away? For free???” People thought we were crazy. But we knew it was the future… and for 19 years the success of the system spoke for itself… give people value, consistently over time, and then when the time is right for THEM to purchase something, let them come to YOU.

Today the model is main stream.
Because frankly, what worked for us for decades… well, really works!

You can put Inbound Marketing to work for your home business too.

Start by taking a step back and putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal target customer. What PROBLEMS do they have that relate to your product? And what can you provide to help solve them?


It could be as simple as providing expert information on something they struggle with. A free report that tells them what they really want to know. Or if you’re selling a tangible product, and it’s just amazing… consider giving away samples (but only to leads you fully qualify!)

The important thing is to make sure whatever you give away TRULY has value. If not, your prospects will see right through it… and in fact, brand you as a charlatan to avoid! Then on the back end, SUBTLY give information on your product… create curiosity and intrigue… and provide the next steps they can take to go further. If you’ve delivered the goods on the front end, legitimate prospects will convert into customers on the back end!

And finally, just keep in mind…

Whether you think Inbound Marketing is the future or not, it really doesn’t matter. Because your COMPETITORS will be increasingly using it! And when they’re out there offering YOUR prospects great value for free… who do you think those prospects will go to when they’re ready to buy?

Invest in Inbound Marketing… and get them coming to you.

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Mike Darling




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